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IBM 360/85 console of the NSA.

Documentation & Archiving

Our Documentation Service provides comprehensive and accurate transcription, timestamping, and summarization of a wide range of video content.

Whether you're new to the community or a seasoned member, our Documentation Service provides a valuable resource for staying informed and engaged with the work of QADAO.

Center directors message and participants
Center directors message and participants

Community Building

QADAO understands the importance of building and fostering strong communities within the blockchain ecosystem.

Whether through online forums, meetups, or other forms of engagement, we help organizations to build and sustain vibrant and dynamic communities that are invested in the success of their projects.

New Zealand Parliamentary Labour Party, 1922
New Zealand Parliamentary Labour Party, 1922

Blockchain Governance

QADAO is committed to promoting effective and responsible blockchain governance.

We provide guidance and support to organizations looking to leverage the benefits of decentralized systems, to develop and implement governance frameworks that are transparent, secure, and effective.

“Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to have a voice in shaping the future of decentralized systems.”

Stephen Whitenstall

Stephen Whitenstall


Quality Assurance DAO (QADAO) began in Cardano's Project Catalyst in April 2021 with an Open Source Feedback survey.

We subsequently submitted a proposal Quality-Assurance-DAO in the Fund 5: Developer ecosystem Challenge that sought to encourage open-source collaboration & innovation and to do a QA Assessment of Catalyst Proposal Process itself.

This proposal was successful in receiving votes and was funded in August 2021.

QADAO went on to document the pathway of a funded cohort & began to assess Project Catalyst’s reporting requirements.

Quality Assurance DAO


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