Decentralized Governance – What are the favorable conditions ?

Decentralized governance will never look like centralized governance

Nor can it be made in its image. Neither can a centrally specified MBO led to decentralized governance. This is just another way to outsource governance in the image of IOG. A reproduction of corporate concerns and
priorities. Decentralized governance cannot be designed.

All that can be done is create favorable conditions for decentralized nodes to emerge. A top
down design is not a favorable condition.

Favorable conditions include –
Minimalism – no complicated systems, processes or organizations seeking to design
everything. Instead the governance node is very specfic, fragmented and localized.
Pluralism – decentralization has led to a fragmentation of governance which can accommodate dissenting views and communities.
Fragmentation – many treasuries emerge as the central treasury dissolves.
Localism – no universal vales, no constitutional models and no bicameral system. These political bias just reproduce republican or American concerns and seek to impose these values on others. Decentralization implies localism and many different, often contrary values.
Accountability is relational – accountability is primarily about viable relations
between nodes. Can different communities or functions work or play
together ? If stable relations of trust form and persist – then there is accountability.
The MBO is it is not decentralization
Whatever the MBO is, it is not decentralization. It is something else using that language as window dressing.